Do You

  • Have a Trampoline on your property?  Does your insurance protect you for this added exposure?

  • Have any collectibles, artwork or antiques?  Are they covered properly?

  • Have a Pool on your property?  Is it covered?

  • Have any jewelry that would be difficult to replace or repair if lost or stolen? Is it covered?

  • ​Have a business in your home?  Do you have the right coverage in place for this?

  • ​Have items in a storage unit?  Did you buy the proper coverage?

Is Your

  • Basement finished? Do you have the right coverage? Is it enough coverage?

  • Personal Home Liability enough?  Is it more than your home is worth?



Are you

  • Storing a Car for the winter? Are you covered properly?

  • Working, driving your car for business or retired?  Is your coverage rated correctly?

  • Carrying the proper coverage on your customized vehicle?

  • Carrying too much coverage on your older model vehicle?

  • Currently carrying both your auto and home with the same carrier?  Why not?

  • Driving for Uber?  Delivering pizza?  Are your covered for that?

Do You

  • Have a young driver in the household?  Are they listed and rated properly?

  • Own any recreational vehicles (campers, motor home, motorcycle, collector cars)?  Are you getting the best insurance price for them?

  • Know you can save money with a higher deductible?


Do You

  • Own a vacation home?

  • Own rental property?

Did You

  • Inherit estate property?

If you need any help with these "Do You Know" questions - Call us.  we are here to answer all of these questions.



Do You

  • Own your own business?  Do you have all the right coverage's you need?

  • Do you work from your home?

  • Do you sell products on line, using E-bay, Amazon or Craigslist?  Are you covered for that?